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What to do in an emergency

Vet999NE | 24-hour Emergency and Critical Care

Our Vets and Nurses are here for you 24hours a day. Please, call 0330 999 1750

Our Vet999NE service works just like an A&E department, meaning that you and your pet has access to clinical care whenever you need it, providing the best in emergency veterinary care for your pet, outside of normal practice hours.

If you need emergency treatment during normal practice hours, please call us so arrangements can be put in place for your pet’s arrival.

An Experienced Team of Vets and Nurses

The Vet999NE team are dedicated Vets and Nurses based right here at the practice, providing emergency vet care for sick and injured pets throughout the night, weekend and bank holidays. They are able to deal with any surgical and medical emergencies that arise outside of our normal hours.


How do I contact the Vet999NE service?

For emergencies outside of our normal surgery hours, please call 0330 999 1750. You will be able to speak to a member of our Vet999NE team who are based on site at Hospital in Gateshead.

Please note that our night team are often very busy looking after emergency cases and critically ill pets, so we kindly ask that for routine enquires and appointments you call during our main opening hours.

Why must I call the practice in an emergency situation before I arrive?

We understand that in some circumstances your priority will be to get your pet to us as soon as possible. However, it is important that you call in advance of your arrival so we can ensure that everything is prepared for your pet, to allow treatment to start as soon as possible.

Who will be looking after my pet?

Our dedicated Vet999NE team consists of vets, nurses and support staff, who work from our hospital in Gateshead. They are members of the Sheriffs Highway Vets team, so you can be assured that the same standard of care is given to your pet irrespective of the time of day you may need us.

The Vet999NE team only work during the night, so you can rest assured they will be fresh and ready to provide your pet with the gold standard care you would expect from us here at Sheriffs Highway.

Our team are able to provide continued monitoring and treatment throughout the night. Because we know the importance TLC plays in helping a pet’s recovery while they stay with us, the team will be giving this in large doses too!

If admitted, when will my pet come home?

Your pet will be discharged as soon as they are well enough. We do not want your pet to be hospitalised any longer than they need be.

If Sheriffs Highway Vets is not your usual day time practice, we will discuss with you and your used vet whether your pet should remain in our hospital, or be transferred to the care of your used vet.

How do I pay and what will it cost?

Fees for out of hours consultation are as follows:

Before 11pm - £230.00

After 11pm - £290.00

Further fees depend on the treatment and level of care your pet requires if admitted. For example, critically ill patients will require more treatment and monitoring than a stable patient and the cost will reflect this. An estimated cost will be provided on admission and further costs will be discussed daily. No costly treatment or procedures will be performed without consent. Emergency out of hours treatment is often covered by pet insurance policies.

For information on pet insurance please click the vet999ne insurance tab.

Vet999 Client Insurance Protocol

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Car Parking

We have a small car park to the side of the practice. Parking is also permitted on the main road.

Our staff are happy to carry your pet from the car if necessary.